Crows Nest 78 – Summer 2017

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Welcome to the slightly later than usual Summer edition of SPYC magazine. I hope you will enjoy it! I am indebted to those who have contributed articles and reports including Sue Brace, Part 1 of her long promised piece having finally arrived! If I can add a PS to Sheila Barnes excellent guide to hosting a Club event it would simply be to say that the best laid plans are subject to the vaguaries of the weather. We recently had to cancel the Heybridge trip due to the forecast for the weekend which was a great disappointment but we are supposed to do this sailing lark for fun! For sure, anyone can get caught out in bad weather but it makes no sense to make trips in defiance of the forecasts. Our esteemed Vice-Commode recently issued an appeal for ideas for Club trips for next season and volunteers to make them happen. Please don’t be shy in coming forward with suggestions and armed with Sheila’s help sheet there is no reason why any member should feel unsure or intimidated about organising an event or trip. Talking of volunteers, I will be stepping down from my role as Editor at the AGM so if anyone would like to take over for next year please feel free to “volunteer”! I plan one further edition of Crow’s Nest to coincide with the AGM so please get your reports and articles in.

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