Today, after four years of building Crew Pool, we have a number of Crew Pool members who have very considerable experience and skill.  Bringing to us very good qualifications these Crew Pool members have offered to help owner/skippers to build their skills and experience on board their own boats.

This is an extension of our Crew Pool project which has been made possible by the fact that a number of  members have applied to join Crew Pool because they have no boat of their own for some reason but wanted to be able to sail with other skippers.  This group of Crew Pool members that we are talking about each have many years of experience up to a very high standard.

Now owner/skippers can get direct support on their own boats from very experienced mariners and have the confidence of knowing that they have someone on board who has the know how and skill to get them to wherever they want to go.

We all know that feeling of uncertainty that haunts us sometimes when we are setting off on a new adventure; well, now there is a way to get some real backup as part of your membership of SPYC.

It will work like this; skippers can ask to be put in touch with a suitable Crew Pool member.  They can then discuss with that person what their aspirations are and how best to achieve them.

The Crew Pool member will accompany the owner/skipper on whatever passages are thought to be useful and helpful.  It may be a passage to some distant destination or a day sail.  It may involve any skills and experiences whatever the skipper feels is needed; be it setting special sails, using Navigation equipment, operating Radar, or anything else one might need to gain skills and experience in.

This new development is only available to SPYC owner members and will be limited by the number of Crew Pool members of suitable qualification.

It is not an offer of formal training as one might get with an RYA trained and Qualified instructor but it is intended to boost the confidence of skippers who have not done a certain thing before or are a little uncertain about how to best do something.

If you would like to know more contact Garry Stratton or Phill Barnes