Advice and Guidance for Event Organisers

Thank you for agreeing to become one of our team of dedicated event Organisers you will find it very rewarding and a great way to get to know other members.

It can be a bit daunting for the first time;  be assured you will be given every possible help when and where you need it – all you have to do is ask either an experienced organiser like the one who did the event last year (you can steal all of their planning and paperwork for a start) or ask one of the Committee..

These notes and suggestion will also help you to get to grips with the task at hand.

The ‘Organiser’ is required to arrange and confirm bookings with marinas and restaurants etc. and to maintain a record of who is participating and how to contact them.  Also maintain contact, as necessary, with all participants and Vice Commodore.

The Organiser creates their own Flyer, usually one A4 page, a template is available to help; (see the right hand column of this page).  This should be sent to the Vice Commodore, preferably by email at least 4 weeks before the event (the earlier the better), for circulation to the membership.

It is important that the Organiser does not include any information in the flyer that could be construed as a passage plan. Nor should you include any personal details like address or home phone number as these can be abused by criminals.

It will be your responsibility to reserve, where necessary, restaurant seats or marina berths and any other activities. Block berthing reservations may have been made in advance. Vice Commodore will advise where this is the case.

Some marinas offer discounts on Club bookings, so enquire when booking as it may require the Organiser to be responsible for the collection of the fees on the day of arrival. If this is the case, mention it in the Flyer to prevent members paying as individuals.

It is advisable to make early contact with the venue and agree a date when you should advise them of details of all vessels and numbers confirmed, (normally 10/14 days ahead).  It is best to email and telephone to make sure that the email has been received.

Payment for pre-arranged meals may be made by SPYC issuing a cheque or BACS  (requested by you from the Treasurer).

You should retain all copies of bookings and reservations, including names and telephone numbers, so that in the unlikely event that you are unable to participate yourself at the last moment, these can be passed over to a substitute. If you are not sure how best to do this ask for a copy of the Spreadsheet planner used by most organisers.

Normally the Organiser will provide either on-board or ashore, an informal reception “Drinks and Nibbles”.  SPYC supports the cost by contributing an agreed Hosting allowance based on numbers attending.

Please submit your expenses using the New simplified  SPYC expenses form. Currently organiser are asked to keep the cost to £2:00 per head, however at their discretion this may rise to £4:00 per head especially where there are small numbers attending. (See Hosting Allowance to the right).

It is intended to cover only basic drinks such as Pimms, Wine, Beer and soft drinks, together with ‘nibbles’ such as crisps, nuts and the like.  Where appropriate you might ask participating members to bring something in addition; for example a plate of canapés.

Please include the following in the text of your flier:-

Receipt of all applications will be confirmed by e-mail or telephone and applicants should contact you if they have not had such confirmation by 7 days before the event.

• Except for Shore based events, every Flyer must include the following (in small but legible print):

“Reference to Section 6.2 of the SPYC Constitution. It is a fundamental principle of Maritime Law that the skipper is responsible for the safety of his vessel and its crew. It is the responsibility of the skipper of each craft to decide whether or not to start or continue with a passage or an Event, in the light of his or her competence, the ability of the crew and the suitability of the craft for the conditions likely to be encountered.”

If for any reason outside your control an event has to be cancelled it will be your responsibility to inform, as best possible, all participants, you may provide an alternative programme if it is appropriate.

In the case of participants cancelling a booking you may be able to sell the place to another participant in which case a refund is possible.  However if a cancellation is made at short notice; you should make every effort to inform marinas and especially restaurants as soon as you are aware of the reduced numbers.  Refunds may not always be possible but where appropriate should be made promptly via the treasurer.

Please confirm receipt of all Bookings. Use the website to notify the membership as a whole that all received applications should have been acknowledged.

If numbers are low then use the website to remind the membership of the event – the Vice Commodore or Webmaster can be contacted to help and add a reminder.

As an Organiser, you should arrange to collect, or have collected on your behalf, the (large) SPYC flag from the Shotley Marina tower, which you should fly on your boat when berthed. Please return it to the Tower after the Event.

Should you have any problems please contact either the Vice Commodore or the Commodore who will advise what help can be provided or actions should be taken.

You will find that many of the members will be willing to help out during the event so don’t be afraid to ask for what help you need – if you need to, ask an experienced organiser to “Round Up” some helping hands.

Last and best piece of advice – relax and enjoy the event yourself – everything will go fine!!!


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