Shotley Point Yacht Club Internet hotspot

The corner office is covered by SPYC’s Internet
Members may connect to it using their mobile devices.

  • Turn on WiFi on your device
  • Connect to “Shotley Point Yacht Club”
  • Enter your password *
  • You are now connected

If you have previously connected to “Shotley Point Yacht Club” your device may have remembered the settings and simply connect automatically.

* This is the WiFi password – It is also used to secure/encrypt all data that is transmitted over WiFi (ask Colin or Phill for password)

What is Shotley Point Yacht Club WiFi hotspot ?
It’s a local network provided to our members using the mobile internet – It’s free to use.

The SPYC internet works by sharing the internet, provided by the 3 mobile network, via WiFi.

Up to five users may be connected at a time.

Please use sparingly (no video please)

What if it doesn’t work ?

Check that the WiFi device is showing a green lamp in far right of the display
if not make sure the device is powered on – both at the wall socket and press the ‘on’ button on the device.