Following on from the recent Police Connect reports here are a few pointers which you might find useful.

  1. A vehicle which tailgates you through the barrier may not be a berth holder or contractor.
  2. People who appear to be wondering around the pontoons with no apparent intentions.
  3. Anyone showing an interest in a particular boat which is not up for sail.
  4. People who try to tailgate you when entering a locked marina berth.
  5. Keep a look out for other members boats when you are at the marina.
  6. Anyone who is not the owner clambering over the guard rail especially in the dark.
  7. Someone carrying valuable looking things at night.
  8. Anyone who appears to be just hanging around may not be innocent.
  9. Often criminals are very audacious and do things in a very decisive way.
  10. If you think something is wrong call the tower by phone not radio.
  11. If you think a crime is being committed cal the police right away on 999.
  12. It is probably not a good idea to challenge someone if you are alone.
  13. If a criminals think they are being watched they quite often stop and disappear but not always!
  14. Do not think that you will be wasting Police time by calling them.

Any other hints welcome – you might help save someone a load of grief!