A Win-Win idea for owners and would be Crew members

Benefits people who would like to sail in larger Yachts or Cruise Motor Boats but don’t own one

Benefits skipper/owners who need experienced crew that they know, like and trust


People who want to crew can sign up for membership of “Crew Pool” at a modest cost.

No matter what their age,  skills or experience.

Whether they are experienced or not; have RYA qualifications – does not matter.

We will help them gain experience, skills and qualifications to become Good Crew.

A few of our experienced owner members are willing to help novices “learn the ropes”!

Crew Pool members need to join social events and start to become known and get to know the Owners.

Skippers meet Crew Pool members and get to know them and what their skills are.

Dedicated “Crew Pool” days offer the opportunity for Crew and skippers to meet and sail together.

Crew members invited out on day cruises and find out if it is what they think.

As skippers confidence and knowledge of Crew Pool member grows the invitations grow.

Skippers and crew will feel comfortable enough to cruise further and on longer trips.

This project is no free ride but opens opportunities for all that can be hard to find elsewhere.


It is estimated that 20% of dinghy sailors eventually get into larger yacht sailing and cruising. A predominance of larger yacht owners are of an age where they have time, money and a fledged family, so they are no longer as young, fit and agile they once were. Here we know that some skippers would be very happy to have a fitter experienced crew member to help out. The problem is often that they do not know anyone who is skilled and they feel comfortable with.

Crew Pool is an attempt to address some of the issues that provide barriers to crew and skippers engaging with each other. Few clubs have any recognised route by which non owners can get involved in sailing yachts or cruising.

If crew and skippers have a way to meet and get to know each other we believe that good relationships and many happy hours of sailing will result.

If the idea works, as we believe it will, then the natural development for the club is to find ways to get Crew Pool members through RYA Competent Crew Courses and beyond.